måndag 12 september 2011

back again

So I've been feeling rather blue this last month, which has affected my productivity immensly, but now I'm back with some updates on stuff I did last week. First of is two character sculpts which some added color to hopefulle make it easier to distinguish between the various subtools.

so here's "superbuffdude" and "bufffigherdude", the naming itself is highly originall I'm sure!...no really!
Here's a bust sculpt based on a picture of poker player Doyle Brunson.( originall found here http://thedivinedish.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/doyle1.jpg )
It has dawned on me that I might not be able to get a job as a character artist ( seeing as there is so many talented people out there) and I have thuss made a couple of prop/enviroment-oriented pieces. First of is a chair with two variations
And a door based on  a concept made by an artist I absolutely adore, Paul Richards (site http://www.autodestruct.com/concept.htm ). I'm not finished with the door as there is some details missing, I'll probably eventually make a lowpoly version of it and make me textures.

 (door concept http://www.autodestruct.com/images/quake4_door1.jpg )

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