torsdag 31 mars 2011

tisdag 29 mars 2011


One of he assignments was to make a character out of the Hellboy universe and I made (to me) the obvious choice.We were not allowed to exceed 6000 polys.

 Starting of I've been attending a 3d course these last couple of weeks and will be posting some pictures of the various creations I've made. Starting of is a minotaur that took me approximately 3 days from start to finish with roughly 95% of the time spent on modeling and sculpting and 5% on texturing. It consists of 5256 tris and 3x512 textures as we were allowed a maximum of 1028 texturespace.
Heres some screengrabs from the Maya viewport.

Getting started

I've finally managed to create a blog, woho! I'll be posting some of my w.i.p:s and other 3d pieces here for you guys to watch and critique so that I might improve my 3d-modelling and sculpting skills.

Here's some old stuff I've made